The hospitality business is as fascinating as it is sophisticated and complex.

It is now quite evident that a hotel is no longer merely a hotel, nor does its profitability rest on the same grounds or uses as in earlier days.

The search for a property or site, any required refurbishment and construction, suitable financing, feasibility analyses, product definitions, selection of operator or management, and resulting negotiation, day-to-day follow-up; all of them are vital aspects calling for utmost attention.

Throughout all of the above phases, it is paramounT and imperative to ensure that the best decision possible is made, and that it is efficiently carried out –thus demanding sound expertise.

Specifically, our company operates within the scope of strategic consulting and third-party property management.

Servicios de Management Independiente - Hotels & Resorts is focused on rendering professional services for developers, owners, and hotel and resort chains located in South America.

Our primary goal is to act as facilitators oriented towards sustainingly attaining the expected return from your investment, by conceiving a plan focused on the middle and long term while coping with the risk inherent to the sector.

Because we are independent, our sole ambition is to achieve the highest possible profit from your investment, without deviations or distractions in pursuit of brands other than your own.

We invite you to get better acquainted with us, and will be at your disposal should you have any inquiry.

It will be our pleasure to attend and guide you in this complex, yet rewarding universe.

Pablo Musumeci