Whether you decide to carry out your venture with your own management –still needing operative assistance in its start-up phase–, or would rather entrust our company with all of its management aspects, or would like to virtually avoid absolutely the operative risk of the business, we can help you on the following:

Start up

Comprehensive Management


Start up
:: Human capital

:: Pricing and channels

:: Marketing and promotion

:: Procedures

:: Management systems

:: Equipment

:: Food & Beverages

Although in this assumption we also engage in daily management, the fundamental difference lies in the fact that we do son on our own behalf, assuming the operative risk of the business.

Every decision related to the operation, including the possibility to incorporate the property into a franchise, will rest exclusively on us, unless expressly excluded under the concession agreement.

Operative maintenance shall be borne by us, while structural maintenance shall be funded by the owner.

The canon to be paid may be variable on sales, fixed or mixed, according to business attributes.

Comprehensive management
Management is performed in the name and stead of the owner company, which is thus released from the daily burden safeguarded by our expertise and know-how.

Because we do not represent any brand and have no commercial brand of our own, we may consistently incorporate your estate into a franchise, which in most cases requires out-sourced management.

We embrace every aspect of the operational business (marketing, sales, HH.RR., purchases, Food & Beverages, maintenance and management), issuing monthly reports to follow up the main variables, further proposing an annual budget to be submitted for your approval.

We usually agree on variable fees, partly on sales and partly on operative profit.