Pablo Musumeci
President and Partner
His long-standing connection with the hospitality business is nurtured by diverse experiences, interweaved by a common thread: the need for a positive conduction based on leading by example.

He was founding partner of BDN S.A., a company committed to hotel operations in ski resorts, with a long and fruitful history in hotel management at Valle de Las Leñas. He managed at length the top-rank hotels at Valle de Las Leñas –Piscis and Escorpio–, which soon became icons within the valley, as well as throughout the hotel and tourism management industry, having earned significant national and international recognition (including the World Travel Award)

Mr. Musumeci founded the first campus on hotel management and gastronomy in Argentina, a theoretical and practical summer school intended to teach medium and senior ranks, which received the support of the government of Mendoza and earned recognition from the leading hotel management schools.

For over 15 years under his leadership, the company managed to overcome significant difficulties faced by tourism and hotel management, always achieving an economic performance well above the average.

He is a member of the group of Antiguos at the IAE (Institute of Higher Studies), and takes active part in the main specialty forums of the industry.

He has directly assisted in the analysis of varied kinds of hotel ventures, and has provided personal advise to several well-know establishments, maintaining a fluid relation and communication with the leading international chains present in our region.

He holds a simple yet exacting business view: “To be critical in prior analysis, to make up the best possible team, to exceed the guests’ expectations, to endorse an aggressive commercial policy, and to administer with austerity”.