[ Asset Management ]
We place ourselves between you and the operator of your property as your expert representative, in order to maximize results and minimize risks through a continuous follow-up of their performance, further suggesting alternatives and changes in any proposed policies and actions.

Main tasks to be addressed

:: Revision of contract with operator

:: Annual budget analysis; recommendations, approval

:: Analysis of the marketing plan, commercial plan, price policy

:: Strategic revision of payroll contracts

:: Periodic performance and goal fulfillment monitoring

:: Specific contributions in the departments that account for a successful management

:: Revision of the building’s maintenance condition

:: Analysis of adjudication proposals for Capex

:: Frequent interviews with GM and other responsible officials of the brand

:: Benchmarking of the main variables

:: Reports to owner every two months

:: Analysis of expansion or reduction possibilities as necessary

Graphic Assetmng
Graphic Assetmng

We comprehensively engage ourselves, encompassing all the diverse aspects of the business, with our primary aim at seeking to fulfill your business objectives, even when they are not fully in line with those of the operator.